I’m obsessed with Ibán Yarza’s bread book, and this is an example of what I’ve been baking lately, my version of his mini cardamom rolls. he says that in Sweden they have a word to define the moment when they have something hot to drink with rolls or cakes. this beautiful word is “fika”.

so I think I’m going to add this word in my daily vocabulary, at least minimum until summer, and do fika fika fika 24/7. fika diet, why not?

let’s bake!





(makes around 20 mini rolls)

· ingredients ·
420g plain flour
210ml whole milk
75g caster sugar
75g butter
4g dry yeast
½ tsp salt
1 tsp cardamom meal

70g unsalted butter
70g brown sugar
1 tsp cardamom meal

1 large free range egg
pearl sugar
chopped almonds

· step by step ·
pour the milk in a small sauce pan at low heat, and when it’s already warm remove it from the heat and add the butter to melt into the milk.
when the milk it’s at room temperature add the dry yeast.
in a big bowl put this milk mixture plus two-thirds of the sifted flour, and mix everything.
add the remain sifted flour, sugar, salt and cardamom and mix again until it’s glossy and smooth but a bit sticky.
place the dough in a big clean bowl covered with cling film, and leave it ferment for 1h.
sprinkle a bit of flour on your work surface and with the dough make a 40cm x 40cm (approx.) with a rolling pin, until you have a 3mm thickness.
with the help of a spatula, spread the filling all over the dough.
fold it in 3 and leave it rest for 10min.
now, with a good knife, cut 20 pieces of 1cm each.
twist each piece and then make like a kind of knot already on the prepared baking tray.
leave them ferment again for another hour.
with a baking brush paint the top of each roll with a beaten egg.
decorate with pearl sugar and chopped almonds.
put them in the oven at 250ºC, with two resistances, for 6 minutes.

mix together the brown sugar, butter and cardamom until everything it’s well combined.

· tips ·
make sure that they are only 6 minutes in the oven, otherwise they’ll burn so easily because the heat is so high.



mini chocolate pavlovas with salted caramel and strawberries 6

mini chocolate pavlovas with salted caramel and strawberries 2

mini chocolate pavlovas with salted caramel and strawberries 9


definitely these little beauties are one of the bests things I’ve made for this blog.

it’s been already so many times that I made pavlovas, but it’s the first time I post about them here, because this is THE recipe to follow.

they’re not just stunning, this french meringue is shinny and crispy on the outside, and on the inside is like a marshmallow texture. think of all this plus the cream on the top with drizzle salted caramel sauce on it and the fresh flavour of strawberries..yes, now it’s the moment to stop thinking about how marvellous would it be and start baking this little stunning pavlovas because it’s so easy!

let’s bake!

mini chocolate pavlovas with salted caramel and strawberries 5

mini chocolate pavlovas with salted caramel and strawberries 3

mini chocolate pavlovas with salted caramel and strawberries 7

mini chocolate pavlovas with salted caramel and strawberries 4

(makes about 16 small pavlovas)

· ingredients ·
chocolate pavlovas
200g egg whites
400g caster sugar
1Tbsp corn starch
1tsp white vinegar
100g melted milk chocolate

200g whipping cream

salted caramel sauce
200g caster sugar
100g butter
120ml whipping cream
1tsp kosher salt

· step by step ·
chocolate pavlovas
preheat the oven at 100ºC with two resistances, and prepare two baking trays with baking paper.
in a stand mixer place all the egg whites and just 350g of your caster sugar and whisk until you see little bubbles coming up.
now add the corn starch and the white vinegar.
add the lasts 50g of caster sugar in and continue whisking until you have a meringue with stiff peaks.
with a spoon drizzle a bit of melted chocolate on the top of the meringue and gently fold it.
scoop the meringue on the prepared baking trays and with a tea spoon make a little hole on the centre for the cream that you’re going to add later.
put them into the oven at 120ºC for about 40min, or until they don’t stick on the baking paper.
take them out and leave them cool completely before you top them with the cream.

in a stand mixer whisk all the whipping cream until it has a proper consistency.

salted caramel sauce
in a medium pan on a medium heat pour all the caster sugar and stir until it’s all melted with a golden brown colour.
add the butter and mix it.
add the whipping cream and mix it.
add the kosher salt and give a last stir.
leave it to cool completely and pour it on the top of the whipped cream.

· tips ·
for this recipe it’s better if you have a stand mixer.
you’ll have to be specially very careful when you’re making the salted caramel sauce because when you add the ingredients they can easily spit.