buñuelos de viento means little wind balls, and it’s so typical here in Spain to eat them for easter. the story starts when one day someone thought that will be a great idea to sell little fried balls with air inside, because they could. but the true story is that they are called buñuelos de viento because when you fry the dough it almost duplicate its size, and when you bite them it looks like they are filled of wind.

the dough is so soft and wet at the very beginning when you just fry them that they look like undone inside, but wait until they’re cooled or better until the next day, you’ll see the perfect texture that you just created.

let’s bake!




(makes about 50 little balls)

· ingredients ·
500ml water
the skin of 1 lemon
100g butter
2 Tbsp lard
2 tsp caster sugar
¼ tsp salt
300g plain flour
2 tsp baking powder
8 large free range eggs
sunflower oil
caster sugar

· step by step ·
in a medium saucepan pour the water, skin of lemon, butter, lard, sugar and salt at medium heat until it boils, once it happens remove from the heat.
add the sift plain flour and baking powder stirring until everything is well combined.
let the dough rest for 5min minimum to let it cool a bit.
add the eggs one by one and mix everything well.
let the dough rest again a bit meanwhile in a medium saucepan the sunflower oil, at low-medium heat, is getting ready to fry the dough.
when the oil is ready, with the help of two big spoons, so gently pour one at a time the dough into the oil. it will take about 8 minutes to fry them properly until you see them brown.
when they’re still hot dip them in sugar, so the sugar will stick easily on the little balls.

·tips ·
it is extremely important that the heat is at low-medium, otherwise they will be done outside but they will be still raw inside, and yes, they have to be so soft inside but not raw.
the firsts hours they’ll be crunchy outside and soft inside with is nice as well, but it’s better to eat them the next day so they are soft outside as well and they taste just like at the old school bakeries in Barcelona.
when they’re cooled you can also fill them with cream, whipped cream or chocolate cream.




panellets 4

panellets 9

the only thing that makes me happy, now that summer it’s completely gone, it’s food. in particular hot ginger lemon tea, chestnuts and these bloody delicious classic panellets.

what are these super cute little balls? panellets it’s a classic catalan dessert that we make in fall for the Castanyada, same day as Halloween. I bake them all the years with my mum, so here you have this incredible recipe that can’t be wrong.

they are so energetic because of the sweet potatoes, pine nuts and almonds. also an addiction for everyone, you eat one and you’re automatically lost forever in the sweet sweet catalan world of panellets.

let’s bake!

panellets 10

panellets 6

panellets 5

makes about 60

· ingredients ·
200g sweet potatoes
500g ground almonds
500g caster sugar
2 free range eggs
200g pine nuts
300g grated almonds

· step by step ·
fill a pot with some water and boil the sweet potatoes.
with a wooden spoon mix the boiled sweet potatoes with the sugar.
add bit by bit the almond ground and knead the batter.
cover with a cling film and leave it in the fridge for 24hrs.
make little balls (2cm diameter aprox.).
whisk just a bit the egg whites and with a cooking brush cover all the balls.
wrap them with grated almonds or pine nuts.
whisk the egg yolk and with a cooking brush pour a bit on the top of them.
in a baking tray, prepared with baking paper, bake them into the oven a 180 ºC for about 8 to 12 min. until they are golden and a bit brown on the top.

· tips ·
you can cover them with grated coconut, or cocoa powder, or ground coffee or dip them in different chocolates!!!