here I am with my version of this non bake tart with a strong natural colour and a particular acid flavour thanks to the fresh lime juice.

I’m sure that the first thing we all think when we look at the pictures of this post is “wow, look at that bright purple colour”, and no, it’s not photoshopped. But that’s not just the only cool thing of this tart, it has also the amazing combination of melted chocolate and crumbled digestives in the crust.

I also have to warn you that this tart has a quite strong acid flavour because of the limes, but it works so well with the dark chocolate. you really need to try it.

anything else to say, a part of bye summer..I’ll miss you so f much.

let’s bake!




(makes about 12 servings approx.)

· ingredients ·
380g digestives
50g cocoa powder
120g dark chocolate
50g butter

340g fresh blueberry purée
200ml fresh lime juice (approx. 12 limes)
4 large egg yolks
300g caster sugar
50g cornstarch


· step by step ·
In a medium sauce pan melt the butter with the dark chocolate and set aside.
In a food processor, process the digestives until it’s like sand.
In a medium bowl pour in the digestives with the cocoa powder and stir it together.
incorporate the chocolate butter on it and mix until it’s well combined.
spread the mixture homogeneously on a 25cm mould and leave it into the fridge for 1h.

squeeze all the limes and set aside.
pour the blueberries in a food processor and process it until looks like a paste.
pass this paste through a strainer and make sure you take out all the liquid possible.
in a medium sauce pan wish the lime juice with the egg yolks, sugar and sift cornstarch.
place the sauce pan in a medium-high heat and don’t stop stirring until you see a kind of custard texture coming out.
pour the mixture on the top of the crust and leave it into the fridge minimum 8hrs.
put on the top the remain blueberries to decorate it.

· tips ·
if you don’t like blueberries you can change them for blackberries or also strawberries.
you can also change the limes for lemons, but I particularly like more the acid flavour of lime in this recipe mixed with the blueberries.



    1. Hi there Abel! sorry but I thought that I was clear enough when in the first sentence of this post I wrote “here I am with my VERSION of this non bake tart…” because as you can see the quantities of the dark chocolate, fresh blueberry pureé and the fresh lime juice are not the same, and as well I didn’t add the blackberries and the dried meringue. In another hand, when I bake something exactly the same as other bakers I always say that in the post, as you can prove here in my blog. Thanks for your concern and Happy New Year!


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