berliners with nutella cream 5

berliners with nutella cream 2

berliners with nutella cream 4

great adventure that I had with these little babes, just saying that I made the double of this recipe and the next morning they all gone as they came..

the dough it’s amazing, I like how airy it was at the end of the process because of the two fermentations, and when you fried them and are finished with the filling it’s a surprise of textures and flavours because of the cream cheese and also the little amount of digestives makes the difference.

so in case you’re craving this little nutella bombs I wanted to share with you this recipe to save your day.

let’s bake!

berliners with nutella cream 3

berliners with nutella cream 7

berliners with nutella cream 6

(makes about 16 medium berliners)

· ingredients ·
50ml water 45ºC
15g fresh yeast
150ml milk 37ºC
2 egg yolks at room temperature
40g butter at room temperature
2 Tbsp caster sugar
¼ tsp salt
320g plain flour
500ml sunflower oil

200g cream cheese
250g nutella

5 digestives
100g icing sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp salt

· step by step ·
in a big bowl mix the water with the yeast and leave it for 5min. and stir until it’s well combined.
melt the butter and add the yeast mixture, milk, egg yolks and sugar.
add the salt and the sifted flour and knead it until it’s non-stick.
pour the dough in a bowl with a little bit of oil, cover it with cling film and leave it rest for 1 + ½ hours. it will rise the double.
prepare your worktop with a good quantity of flour and spread the dough with 1 to 1’5cm high.
with a 5 to 7cm cutter make all the circles.
place the circles in a tray with baking paper and leave them rest for 45min. they will rise the double.
pour the oil in a big deep pan and heat it at 180ºC.
fry each berliner both sides until they are golden brown.
place them in a tray prepared with napkins to absorbed the oil of the fried berliners, and leave them cool 5min before you fill them and sprinkle on the top the icing sugar mixture.

mix the cream cheese with the Nutella and place it in a big piping bag with a 5mm nozzle.

in a food processor pour the digestives and process until are little crumbs.
mix them with the icing sugar, cinnamon and salt.

· tips ·
to control the quantity of the filling that you’re giving to each berliner it’s kind of difficult at the beginning, you can eat the first one to see the inside or also with the weight you’ll know when it’s full. but be very careful because if you get too exited filling them they can explode!


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