jamaican ginger cake 15

jamaican ginger cake 20

yeah man! bring Jamaica to Barcelona it’s kind of possible with this awesome Jamaican Ginger Cake.

the first time I tried it was when I was living in London, it’s so usual to see ginger cookies or cakes there, so in the name of research I tried almost everything. upsy.

this layer cake is dark, a bit spicy and with that soft cream cheese..you definitely need to try this cake once in your life. there you go the easy peasy recipe!
and yes! I had so much fun taking those pictures, they’re so funny aren’t they?

let’s bake!

jamaican ginger cake 3

jamaican ginger cake 14

(makes about 12 servings)

3 cakes
380g soft unsalted butter
330 muscovado sugar
230g black treacle
6lrg free range eggs
380g self-raising flour
5 Tbsp ground ginger
3 tsp ground cinnamon
5 Tbsp sour cream

cream cheese icing
120g unsalted butter
200g cream cheese
300g icing sugar

·step by step·
3 cakes
prepare 3 moulds (23cm approx.) with butter and some flour, to make them even more non-stick, and preheat the oven at 170ºC.
in a bowl mix the soft butter with the muscovado sugar and black treacle until the batter has a paler colour.
add the eggs one at a time and keep mixing constantly.
in a separate bowl sift the flour and add the ground ginger and ground cinnamon.
when the batter it’s well combined add the sour cream.
spread the batter in the prepared moulds equally.
bake them for about 35min at 170ºC.
leave them cool for 5min, remove them from the moulds and leave them cool completely on a baking grid.
spread the cream cheese on each layer and on the top.

cream cheese icing
whip the butter and the cheese until it’s pale and fluffy.
add the sift icing sugar bit by bit and stir until everything it’s well combined.
spread it on the top of each layer.


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