brownie mug cake 8

brownie mug cake 7

brownie mug cake 5

oh yes! a cake only for you ready in exactly 95 seconds plus 3 minutes of preparation..sounds great ah, taste better! and the smell of this little yummy brownie takes you to Willy Wonka’s world.

basically you don’t have any excuse to don’t try this mug cake in a lazy summer day. so if you have a microwave and you don’t have much time to bake then this recipe is made for you!

let’s bake!

brownie mug cake 3

brownie mug cake 2

brownie mug cake 1

makes 1 cake

· ingredients ·
30g butter
30g caster sugar
15g brown sugar
15g cocoa powder
1 medium egg yolk
½ tsp vanilla extract
30g self-raisin flour
a pinch of salt
30g lacasitos/chocolate chips

· step by step ·
pour the butter in a small mug and microwave 20 seconds until melted.
add the caster sugar, brown sugar, cocoa powder and mix everything with a fork.
add the egg yolk, vanilla extract and beat again.
finally pour the flour and salt until it’s well combined.
half of the chocolate chips inside and it’s ready to bake into the microwave.
50 seconds 640W.
45 seconds 800W.
Sprinkle on the top the rest of the chocolate chips to let them melt a bit.
leave to cool 10 minutes if you can wait.

· tips ·
you can make the batter in a usual bowl and then pour it in the mug.
these kind of chocolate cakes are always super yummy if you undercook them a bit.



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