strawberrie banana oat smothie 3

strawberrie banana oat smothie 2

a healthy recipe for healthy people? well, could be as well..but today I’m talking about lazy people who lie down in the sofa on summer, with one feet on the floor to feel a bit refreshed basically.

this is a calling for them! move your ass and do something very quickly and fresh, and then get back to the sofa, because we all know how those lazy summer days are.

let’s bake!

strawberrie banana oat smothie 5

strawberrie banana oat smothie 1

makes about 6

· ingredients ·
100g oat flakes
150g frozen strawberries
3 bananas
300ml oat milk

· step by step ·
triturate the oat flakes well and step aside.
triturate the frozen strawberries until you see is like a smooth paste, and then add the oat flakes.
add the bananas and triturate until is well combined.
finally pour the milk and mix everything well.

· tips ·
you can keep the smoothie on the fridge for the next day breakfast, but not much longer, otherwise the strawberry can be oxidized.


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